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Tasters' Guild Auction - Tickets on sale now for this annual benefit for Great Lakes Culinary Institute students. More »


Career Fair - Students and the public invited to ninth annual event, 3:30-5:30 p.m. at the Hagerty Center. More »

Our listener promise

WNMC's mission is to provide educational and culturally enriching programming to its northern Michigan service area. We also actively seek to promote and support the educational and cultural missions of NMC and other local entities with similar cultural and educational missions. More »

Our station broadcasts a variety of informational and musical programming, ranging from the news and talk on Mornings (6–8:15 a.m. Monday–Friday) to the flagship jazz-mix programming on weekdays (8:15 a.m.–5 p.m.) to alternative rock, African music, electronic and much more. More »

Current Playlist/Chat with the DJ: Some of our DJs are available for online chat through our Spinitron playlists during their shows. Of course, that availability is limited — they've got other things to do! — but you can say howdy, sing their praises, make a request or whatever by viewing the current playlist here ».

Find us on Twitter: @wnmc, our general twitter feed is here. @wnmcradio, our playlist feed (every song we play) is here.

Ways to Listen: in addition to our radio signal in the Travese City area, you can also listen online, just click on Listen in the top menu to find out more. If you data connection is shaky, you can even listen via your voice connection: just call Zeno Radio at (484) 718-0464 and you'll soon have WNMC on your phone. Your carrier's normal voice rates for US calls apply.

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Listen Now...

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