Listening Options

In the Traverse City area, tune us in at 90.7 FM.

(October 23, 2023) There seems to be a problem with our https streams this evening. (So, for instance, the home page player and Radio Garden, which are linked to the https stream, aren't working.) The old http link works, but you will probably have to override a security warning to play it. 

Here is that http link:

There are several ways to listen online to WNMC:

The best way to listen for most folks is to simply use the embedded player on the station's home page.

You can also listen to the station at Radio Garden.

Music Stream Links

If you would rather use your own media application (like iTunes) instead of your browser to listen, use one of the following links. If clicking the link doesn't immediately work, right-click or control-click on the link to download the stream and open it in your music player of choice.

For Better Sound (192 Kbps Stereo):

As is practically everything on the Internet, streaming audio technology is constantly evolving, and there are sometimes problems and changes with how to stream WNMC as your media player goes through version updates. So we'll be keeping this page updated with new tips and techniques as they emerge.

If what's here so far doesn't seem to help, write to Eric. Hopefully we'll be able to figure out your problem quickly and add it to the list of solvable problems above.