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WNMC Underwriting

Underwriting allows businesses and individuals to support community radio and to introduce products and services to thousands of local, desirable customers for less than $10 per week.

Underwriting spots run 20 seconds. Rates reduced with frequency.

Sample schedules and rates:

  • 1 spot/week (52 total) = $500 ($9.62/spot)
  • 3 spots/week (156 total) = $1,200 ($7.70/spot)
  • 10 spots/week (520 total) = $3,200 ($6.15/spot)

Other schedules and frequencies can be negotiated. Payment may be made on a quarterly basis.

Underwriting contributions are tax deductible.

About WNMC

  • Broadcast to six northwestern Michigan counties reaching more than 150,000 people
  • Streamed live online 24 hours a day
  • Diverse, original programming including jazz, blues, rock and dance, folk, world, reggae, Native American and local talk
  • Local volunteer DJs
  • Community public radio in operation since 1967
  • Owned by Northwestern Michigan College

"I advertise on WNMC because it reaches the market that we serve — young, old, rich, poor. I am always amazed at how many people tell me they have heard our ad.  It's worth the money well-spent!"