WNMC's Flash Drive- Let's Get This Done!

WNMC Flash Drive GraphicUsually, every October, we interrupt the usual great programming for nine days of on-air fundraising. The donations we bring in during this time are essential to the operation of the station, and we love hearing from listeners, and we truly, truly appreciate the high-minded generosity that listeners have shown us year after year....

But we think that we might be able to raise the support we need and get and spread all that good feeling without the nine days of on-air fundraising.

That's what the Flash Drive is about.

This year, as we approach the On-Air, we are trying to bring in some donations early, and for every $5000 we raise we'll put off the start of the On-Air for another day and make the Fall Fundraiser one day shorter.

Everything else is the same—your donations still go to support a great community public radio station, you can still come down and grab a t-shirt or CD, we still love to hear from you, we still think you are the greatest listener base in the universe. BUT there will be less disruption to our great programming!

So, take a moment and give right now to the Flash Drive: Click here to give now and support great music and help keep this On-Air Fundraiser short and sweet.

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