WNMC's Spring Fund Raiser

Please Support Your Community Public Radio Station!

WNMC brings you 24 hours of great programming, ranging from classic jazz to news to science to alternative rock to Native American to flea market funk. We have dozens of great volunteers who help make all this happen behind the mic, but we can't do any of this without support from people who listen to, enjoy, or are even enlightened by the programming we put on.

WNMC gets no federal funding. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting crossed us off their Christmas list (we only ever got a card anyhow!). The State of Michigan claims to have other priorities than helping out eccentric little local radio stations.

. . . Which means it's down to the folks that listen. You folks (yeah! and me, too!). Please, give what you can to our on-air fund raiser, which hits the air on Saturday, April 13th and continues until Sunday, April 21st. If you prefer, you can do your part right now: just click on Support.

Fundraising on Good Moanin' Blues