About DJ Ellen

Ellen Ellen has been with WNMC for 20 years as a DJ and currently WNMC Personnel Manager. She graduated from NMC with a music degree in the year 2000 and has been tutoring NMC students ever since. Music is her passion, having performed in the Michigan area with many musical groups including the big bands, quintets, quartets and trios for many years and continuing to perform here in Traverse City, recording her CDs and singing with the NMC Jazz Orchestra. One of her most memorable performances is when she sang as part of the “Letterman” show in Las Vegas many years ago. She was born and grew up in Detroit, worked both in Detroit and Chicago and then moved to Traverse City in 1996. She has four children and five grandchildren. Favorite music is classical, jazz, blues and '50s rock. Her favorite food is anything she is not supposed to eat, especially chocolate chip cookies.

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